Health Appointments, Personal Growth Activities and Important Life Appointments

With the specific aim to improve one’s health and confidence, Mind Compass Australia believes there needs to be a consistent person of care when it comes to attending various health appointments, personal growth activities and specific life challenges and growth appointments.

The ongoing repeat of past and now health information, listening and gathering information and knowledge for now and future that requires implementation, also attending important and specific life challenges and growth appointments without a person you trust can become a very overwhelming and stressful situation. Leading to further triggers, behaviours and backward steps.

We will be that person, that accompanies you and supports you, in and throughout these times, and assists in the implementation throughout your current support team.

We have built the rapport and know how the client is going and what they need to ensure ongoing improvement. We have an ongoing relationship and have insight into their lives to assist them in making informed decisions towards reaching their goals in all areas of their lives.

We want to be that person they trust to be able to be with them through the tough conversations and assist in their mind and body management at these times.

Please contact us now so we can discuss how we can help support you in this area.

* Depending upon the requirement this can be charged under NDIS Community Access Support & Engagement or one of the Capacity building areas that fit the action.