Areas Of Focus


Understanding & Being understood by other people

Social Internation

Making & Keeping Friends, and being able to see who are friends and who are not friends

Emotional Growth & Discovery

Coping with Feelings and Emotions, learning how to self regulate and expressing feelings and emotions associated with Happiness, Fun & Laughter, Love and passion.


Relationships are a necessary component of living one’s best life. Learning and striving towards healthy relationships within the family unit and romantically.


The place where you live, making it stable, secure, healthy and happy

Health & Wellbeing

How physically & mentally well you are and where you want to be

Choice & Control

Making your own decisions about what is important in your life

Work & Career

Exploring what you love and want to engage in often, then working towards implementing this into your life.

Social & Community

Taking part in sharking with others the things you do in your life that you love and make you feel like you belong

Spirituality or Religious beliefs

Exploring and implementing the things you need to allow this to be a solid part of your life and recovery.


Working on confidence and with strengths to empower you to create the most successful life you want.

Hopes, Dreams & Goals

Finding and expressing exactly what you would like your life to look like now and in the future and to assist in implementing the strategies and goal process to start the journey and follow it through.


Finding happiness and then living there, physically, mentally and spiritually.