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You don’t have to accept the status-quo. We can help you reach a higher potential.

Mind Compass Australia is a Purposeful, recovery-focused service assisting and providing support and positive outcomes. We provide a holisitic service that has all elements of mental health and wellbeing for now and the future.

At Mind Compass Australia we work towards Self Love, building on Strengths, designing, and implementing goals, empowering and allowing happiness, fun and laughter. We assist individuals in finding their voice and courage through solution focused strategies and person centred counselling so they can create their own positives lives and choose their own path.

Everybody needs to feel valued, have a healthy self-esteem and a sense of belonging. At Mind Compass Australia we offer a person-centred approach that focuses on developing strengths and improving the quality of life for our clients.

People are at the heart of everything we do. To support and empower individuals, to provide strategies that are accepted by the individual for the individual and their surrounding lives and assist in them in finding and embracing their own strengths.

"Imagine Your Life Is Perfect In Every Respect; What Would It Look Like?"
– Brain Tracy

Our Services

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Therapeutic Supports



Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

Time Line Therapy

Anxiety & Depression

Emotional Trauma


Acquired Brain Injury

Life Transitions - Relationships, Career, Empty Nest, 40s

Past and Present Challenges Including Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt and Grief

Recovery Coaches

The relationship between the Recovery Coach and the individual is central to recovery – establishing trust, building motivation to engage in service, and supporting hope and the possibility of change. Recovery Coaches are open, curious and responsive, showing a genuine desire to learn about the individuals they serve. Recovery Coaches hold hope and support individuals as they develop goals, build their own relationships and gain skills in self-management – by “doing with” the persons they serve.

Recovery Coaches develop strategies and interventions to promote wellness by paying attention to the way individuals take care of themselves. This is best done through developing and nurturing the relationship and partnering with individuals in their home environments. Recovery Coaches utilize their knowledge about a person’s healthy lifestyle, gained through discussion, observation, and interpersonal experience, to expand the recovery focus of the work to include healthy living

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